2017 Pitch&Pour Competitors

  • Flyght is a retail and restaurant software platform that automates and unifies the business ecosystem. We're taking the guesswork out of selling products in-store and automating the omni-channel experience. With machine learning and business intelligence, Flyght automates and unifies traditionally disparate systems to allow retailers to focus on their customer. See more at their webpage by clicking here.

  • RegenFix is a novel implant that mimic the structure and mechanical behavior of bone and they are designed and produced according to patient derived CT data. These implants will be provided together with surgical tools that instruct the surgery procedure to the surgeons, such as where to cut, drill or etc. Our custom implants will surely benefit both surgeon and patient in terms of reducing the costs and time spent in the operating room, shortening the hospitalization time, and minimizing the bleeding level during surgery, increasing precision, enhancing the aesthetic and results, and improving the patient’s quality of life after the procedure.

  • Uptik takes a different approach to budgeting apps. We use the expenses you know you have to pay along with the income you believe you will be receiving to show you your financial future. We take a daily approach so you can confidently know exactly how much cash you should have in the bank every day for the rest of your life. We do all of this without taking any personal and sensitive information like bank logins, credit card logins, etc... Never again will you wonder if you will have enough money to pay your rent in two weeks.See more at their webpage by clicking here.

  • Our team is focused on the development of new treatments for neurological disorders including autism spectrum disorders (ASD). We have developed a compound that shows promising activity in animal models of ASD, and we intend to advance the compound to Phase II clinical trials in ASD patients. Through the customer discovery process, we have focused in on funding sources and potential partners to advance our technology.

  • Pudl is an app where you can send your messages from different platforms (email, text, and social media messengers) and put them in one place. This app would allow you ONE inbox to visually see ALL messages, categorize messages, archive messages, and highlight messages depending on their significance and importance. You could also create to-do notes associated with each message in an effort to manage follow-up. And are you ready... you could respond to these messages FROM Pudl.