Sport Testing

Our goal is to utilize the most accurate laser testing system in the world that is already well established in the Canadian hockey industry and the NHL for the benefit of all athletes through multiple sports. This technology will bring the most accurate testing standards in the world that currently does not exist in the United States. We have positioned this model well after proving the validity of the Sport Testing model for the last 15 years as well as gaining traction working with 9 teams in the NHL including the Montreal Canadians, Toronto Maple Leafs and the Philadelphia Flyers. With the data that we have accumulated so far, we are in the stage of providing predictive models for hockey and are certain that the same can be done for football as well as many other sports beginning with basketball, baseball and lacrosse. There are aspects to this model that we believe can transcend the recruiting industry and drastically enhance the difficult jobs of coaches across the country, but also help athletes gain the type of exposure that they do not have now.
Lead: Glenn "Shemmy" Schembechler
E-Mail: [email protected]

Zid Zid

Zid Zid is a web-based platform designed for children (ages 3-6) to discover the world through play and languages, together with their parents. Recent research shows the optimum time to learn languages is before the age of 6. Zid Zid removes the barriers that prevent parents from exposing their young children to world languages. We leverage technology to provide the best in early childhood education to any child, anytime, anywhere.
Lead: Moulay Essakalli
E-Mail: [email protected]

Peep Game Comix

Black Nerds (Blerds) are one of the fastest growing markets in the comic book industry and yet we are still the most under served. That's why I created
Our digital comic book platform carries close to 200 Black owned comic books fro an amazing community of creators.
We have over 500 registered users who support our creators by purchasing digital downloads that can be read via iPhone, iPad, Kindle and other digital devices.
With your $10,000 investment we will create an app version of our website that we'll introduce to Libraries across the country. We'll also introduce it to the booming mobile tech market on the African continent in countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa where access to book stores and libraries are hard to access.
Lead: Imani Lateef
E-Mail: [email protected]

RunReady Personal Defense Products

An unfortunate fact of life is that we do not live in a safe world. Despite our best efforts we can still, from time to time, find ourselves in compromising situations. That being said, a life lived in constant fear can hardly be enjoyed.
Many innovative products have been developed to increase personal security. The problem is many of these products require specific training for effective use. Additionally, if you’re not carrying these products when you need them, they do you no good. The best solution is to find a way to carry what you need, without it affecting your daily life, and we believe we have done just that.
By integrating means to carry personal defense products into accessories for common technology, such as smartphones, smart-watches, and IPods, people will be much more likely to carry these products with them than if they needed to find a way to carry them separately. This led to the design, and construction of the first RunReady Armband. Simple modifications made to existing fitness-armband designs makes the product familiar, with significantly enhanced capabilities. The RunReady band does not interfere with the athlete’s use of their electronic device, or affect their mobility, range of motion, or form while competing, but allows them to carry a variety of personal defense tools including pepper spray, contact Tasers, and pocket knives.
Lead: Joseph Strobbe, Tim Walker
E-Mail: [email protected]